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Our Mission
Charaplast is a not for profit and USA registered 501(c)3 corporation. Our charter and goal is to help the people of the world. Our focus is medical relief, educational relief and improving human welfare in under developed countries.

The world has many people who are in need of help. It is our goal to bring volunteers where they are most needed. Changing the life of another through our own efforts is what brings us all together. We build permanent lifelong relationships with all we meet and touch.

Charaplast has conducted many medical and educational missions to Cambodia, Vietnam and Mexico. We find locations where help is needed. We recruit the medical personnel who would like to come and volunteer their time in these countries. Charaplast is the conduit that brings willing volunteers to these countries and people of need.

We are seeking doctors, nurses, medical personnel to come and volunteer a week of time in these areas. All medical specialties are needed.

We sponsor students through education. We sponsor students with scholarships to the local university providing for more success in their home country. They attend PUC University which is internationally accredited. They pay us back by being Charaplast members and volunteer time when we do work in their home country. We donate supplies and technology where needed to the poor schools.

Home Building
Charaplast also builds homes for families in the outside provinces of Cambodia and Vietnam.  Many families still live under tents or make shift housing from old plywood and wood.  Our team located the families through the help of local agencies in the areas of need.  We manage the construction of the house from start to finish.

Current Cambodian Students in Need of a Sponsor
New Students we have identified who are highly qualified to attend and finish a University degree.
These students are in need of a sponsor. $700 per year per student. Click on any student to see their biography.

Click to see video:
English        Khmer 

Click to see video:
English        Khmer 

Click to see video:
English        Khmer

 Sopheak Srell
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Saveaut Yut
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Ratha Ean
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Here are the 2 newest Students from Philippines that have received a scholarship in 2012.

Please click here to see their information!



Take a trip to one of our student’s homes in the province

Samnang Teng

Click here to take a visit to his home in the province.
Samnang is one of our first student’s to receive a Charaplast Scholarship.  He is now in the first year of his bachelor degree and doing very well.  He also serves as a mentor for the new students and provides valuable experience for them as they enter the university.

Whats new!

New House Built in Vietnam:
July 2012

One of our founders recently traveled to Vietnam to build a house for a poor family out in the province outside Ho Chi Minh City. Mike Foley made the trip to visit the family and check on the finished house. The pictures show Mike with the family. The other photos are where this family lived before the new house and after.
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